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Annual Appeal

The Norwood-Fontbonne Academy Annual Appeal allows the Academy to fund programs which enhance the student experience by providing challenging and exciting academic, co-curricular, athletic and spiritual programs.  Fund donations also support staff development, technology resources and physical plant improvements.

Annual Appeal gifts are unrestricted; the donor allows the Academy to determine the areas of the budget that are most in need of funding.  Each year, funds raised through the Annual Appeal are used to augment the Academy’s annual budget.

Parents, staff, faculty, alumni, grandparents, corporations, foundations and friends of NFA believe in the Academy’s mission and vision and want to support its fulfillment.  Many of these donors renew these gifts on a yearly basis.

Please consider giving to the NFA Annual Appeal, this provides critical support to our student, faculty and programs.  For a list of companies that offer matching gifts, please click here.

Gifts to the 2016-2017 Annual Appeal are gratefully accepted:
  • Call or e-mail the Mission Advancement Office , at (215) 247-3811 ext 207 or development@norfon.org
  • Mail your gift to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy’s Mission Advancement Office, 8891 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
  • make a credit card card donation by clicking the “Donate Now” button below

Thank you for supporting our mission and vision.



2016-17 Participation Circles

Mother Saint John Fontbonne      
($10,000 and up)
Anonymous (CP/PA/A)

Sister James Anthony Scanlon     
($5,000 to $9,999)
Jenny & David Forti (CP) UW

1920 Founders                              
($2,500 to $4,999)
Anonymous (CP)
Terri & John Hutsell (FAC/ADVB) ~ in memory of Tom Reynolds
Mary & Michael Mabry (CP)
Audrey & Tom Schwenger (PA/ADVB/DEVC) S&P

Carol & Donald Tornetta (PA/GPA)

Saint Joseph                                 
($1,500 to $2,499)
Toni & Matthew ’52 Barbour
Donna & David Bartynski (PA)
Katie & Ed Ciolko (CP/PA)
Mary Beth Sabol & Fred Conner (CP) MG-GSK

Nevis & Peter DePaul (GPA/PA)
Sue & Joe Hohenleitner (CP)
Rita & Phil Hughes (GP/PA/FAC)
Judy & Ted Lloyd (CP)
Heather and Rob ‘89 Louka (CP/A)
Kelsey & Eric ‘89 Riethmiller (CP/A)
Natalie & Napoleon Stephenson (ADVB/PA)
Christina Thistle & Family  (PA/FFAC/A) ~ in memory of Daniel L. Thistle

Blue and Gold                              
($1,000 to $1,499)
Beth & Joe Bailey and Family (PA/A)-MG Intel Corp.
Jennifer & John Borzi (CP)
Matthew Celano (‘03)~thank you to all the teachers and administrators
Kellyann Heck ‘86 & Anthony Cilio (CP/A) ~ in honor of 2016-17 NFA faculty & staff
Mirusia & Jonathan Cohen (CP)
Robin & David Comerford (CP/PA)

Hon. & Mrs. Armand Della Porta (GP)
Julie & Mark Eney (CP/PA)
Kirsten & Michael Gambone (CP)
Marci Gehman, SSJ (FAC)

Hugh ‘38 and Joan Hart (A)
Steven Lawrence (CP)
Sue & Ed Leonard (CP/PA)
Connie & Ian Meierdiercks (CP)
Anne & Bob Riethmiller (GP/PA)
Rachel & Mark Rizzi (CP)
Teresa & Greg Rodgers (CP)
Karen Schuler (FAC)
Liz & Fred Walker (PA)
Sheila & Michael Weaver (CP)


($500 to $999)       

Anonymous (11/14/16)
Joanne & Tom Balshi (PA)
Robert J. Bray ‘50 (A) ~in honor of my 3 sons and daughter   

Joyce Petrenchak & James Bussacco (CP)
Kathleen & Christopher Dezzi (CP/DEVC)

Lucy & Michael DiGregorio (CP)

Nanci & Keith Fitzgerald (CP)

Linda Galante (PA)

Tom & Marie Goldkamp (PA)

Mimi & Steve Harvey (CP)
Tyrone Hedrick (FAC)
Elizabeth & Carl Holmes (CP) UW
Mark Hopkins (GP)

The Janke Family (CP)

Maureen & Richard Jordan (FP) ~ in honor of Roe Hosmer & Linda Mingle
Donald Kieser ‘48 (A)
Gretchen & Robert Kolb (CP)
Raquel Carbonari & Arthur Loder (CP)
Danielle & Michael Malloy (CP)
James V. Mascaro ’68 (A) ~ in memory of Mother James Anthony
Jackie & David Massari (PA)
Christopher McDermott ’71 (A/ADVB) ~ in honor of Bette & Joe McDermott (PA)
Carolyn & Christopher Phifer (CP)
Sue & John Quirk (CP/PA)

John C. Redmond ‘67 (A)
Jeanianne & Joe Sedlack (PA) Stock gift
Alice & Frank Simola (CP)
Michelle & Tyler Schoen (CP)
Becky & Harry Southwell (ADVB/PA)

Dr. Angela M. Stout ‘79 (A)
Lauren & Nathaniel Taylor (CP)
Al Urzi ‘59 (A)
Nicole & Chris Ventresca (CP)
Sharon Anne Boyle & Christopher Woodson (CP)

($250 to $499)
Gun Akkor & Rafaella Fabiani Gianetto (CP)
Anne & Gustav Baumann (CP)
Lorraine & George Beppel (PA)
Cyndi & Mark Bernstiel (CP)
Christian Bradley ‘68 (A)
Terry & Jim Brehony (PA/ADVB) MG
Amy & Ed Buchanan (CP)
Tara & Jim Canally (CP)
Millicent Channell (CP)
Taunya & Anthony Cossetti (PA/ADVB)

Chrissy ‘91 & Greg Curci (A/CP)

Bridget & Rich D’Angelo (CP)
James ‘61 & Connie Degnan (A)
Sharon & John Donovan (CP)
Paula Riley & Jeff Doerzbacher (CP)
Jennifer & Steve Eagland (CP)

Amy & Brian Egras (CP)
Elise & Elio Figueroa (CP)
Michael & Jennifer Fuchs (CP)
Jane & George Gambone (CP)
Mo & Fred Gerngross (PA/FFAC)

Eileen & John Gimpel (CP/PA)
Patricia ‘79 & Gary Gola (CP/A)
Kerrie Owens & Jim Gorman (CP)
Jennifer McGlynn & Gerard Guertin (CP)-MG
Kelly & Chip Guller (FAC/CP/PA)
Christine & Parsaoran Hutapea (CP)  
Patricia Malabuyo Ilagan ‘81 & Ysabel Ilagan-Ying ‘06 (PA/A/FP) ~ in honor of
       Sr. Marjorie Lawless & Sr. Roseann Tribuiani

Maria Teresa Bronte & Roderick Johnson (CP)
Lea & Claude Knight (CP/PA)
Colleen, Bob, Issie ‘01 & Tim ‘04 Lapowsky (A/PA/GP)
Yung & Choon Lee (PA)
Audrey & Jerry Lombard (PA)
Elaine & Henry ‘81 Mark (CP/A) ~in memory of Yuen Dun Mark

Mary Kate ‘86 & Brendan May (A/CP)

The McKeon Family (A/PA)
Mary & Robert McNamara (PA)
Ann & Greg McNamee (CP)
Clarissa Uhlar & Francis Meacle (CP)

Liz Oettinger & Matthew Millan (CP)

Amanda & Bill ’92 Murphy (A/ADVB) ~ in memory of Daniel Amoroso ‘92
Nancy Nadler (FAC)

Chrissy & Keith Oldt (CP/PA)
The Pappert Family (PA) ~ in memory of George Hedges Pappert
Nancy Peluso (FAC)

Amanda & Kent Reichert (CP)

Mary & Mark Rems (CP) ~in honor of Sr. Marjorie Lawless

Beth Howard and Bruce Rofsky (CP) MG-GSK
Lisa & Robert Sammons (FP)
Eric Scher (F) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)

Alison DePaul-Schmitt & Greg Schmitt (PA) ~ in memory of Stephanie Favata

Abby P. Taylor (GP)
Jennifer & Keith ‘87 Tornetta (CP/A)
Edward Trainor ’81 (A)
Karla & Thane Trotman (CP)
Susie McGrath Valinis ‘88 & Jay Valinis ‘88 (CP/A)
Joan & Bob Walters (GP/PA/FFAC)
Christine & Reed Wilmerding (CP)

($100 to $249)
Anonymous (11/20/16)
JoEllen & Henry Aaron (GP)
Denise & Lamont Anderson (CP)

Joanne & Joe Baillie (PA/FFAC)
Elizabeth Ireland & Brian Abernathy (CP)
Idayat & Obafemi Adewunmi (CP)
Laura & Marc Alfarano (CP/FAC)
Alicia & Branville Bard (CP)
Ashley Barrow ‘10 (A)
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Biller ‘57 (A) ~ in memory of Sr. James Anthony
The Bjornson Family (PA/A)
Andrea & Henry Blocker (CP)
Fred ‘40 & Marilyn Boccella (A)
Kali & Al Brink (CP)
Colleen & JJ Broderick (PA)
Tracey & Stephen Burgoyne (PA)
Tashya & Kevin Campbell (CP)
Peter Endriss & Manou Canisius (CP)
Stephanie & Michael Chomentowski (CP) UW
Joseph Christy (CP)
Tory & Stephen Churchill (CP)

Christopher ‘79 & Krista Ciarrocchi (A)
Matthew & Lisete Cleary (CP)
Kristina & Pete Colabelli (CP)
Crystale Conquest (CP)

Bridget & Gary Crooks (PA)

Walter & Kimberly Cwietniewicz (CP)
Edward Dachowski, Jr. MD ‘74 (A) ~ in memory of Edward & Beatrice Dachowski

Mary & Dennis Daly (FFAC/PA) ~ in loving memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC/PA)
Adriana della Porta (PA)
Michele & Bill Demski (CP)
Evelyn & Joe Devine (CP/PA)

Matt DiGiacomo ‘06 (A)
Sue & Matt Dougherty (PA)

Kalenda Eaton (CP)

Alyssa & Jason Edwards (CP)

Mollie & Pete Egginton (CP)
Kathleen, James, & Madeline Eiser (CP/FAC)
Joanne & Edward Ey (CP)
Lola & Wayne Fawber (CP)

Michael Farrell, MD ‘58 (A)
Cynthia Figueroa & Robert Clark (CP)
Marianne Finnegan (FAC)
Frank Gaizo (F) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)
Nora & Gordon Gary (CP)

The Doctors Giuliano (PA)
Michelle & James Godin (CP)
Melissa & Nicolas Gomez (CP)
Nicole Galli & Charles Goodwin (CP)
Crystal & Michael Grant (CP)
Elizabeth White & Mark Gravener (CP)
Kristen Hayes (FAC)
Patricia & Tom Hinchey (PA) MG Exelon Corp.
Nicole & Craig Hodgson (CP)
The Hogan Family (PA/A)

Neil Hopkins ‘56 (A)
Colleen & Tim Howard (CP) MG-Merck Foundation

Terrie & Paul Joyce (PA)
Frances Beirne Judd (F)
Patricia Kaffenberger (FAC)
Kathleen Kahlau (F) ~in honor of Sr. Mary Helen Beirne
Robin & Kevin Kelley (PA)
Brooke & Robert Krandel (CP)
Albert Kroll ‘61 (A) ~ in memory of Catherine Kroll
Kristin & Steve Krzywicki (CP)
Beth & Rob Kyle (CP)
Rob ‘87 & Celeste Lamb (CP/A)
Frank Ledwith ‘70 (A)
Tiffany Kim & John Lee (CP)
Tomeka Lee (CP)
Folasade Olanipekun-Lewis & Barry Lewis (CP)
Katie & Jason Livingood (C)

Shannen & Chip Loscalzo (CP)
Lisa & Kevin Loome (CP)
Cristina Wuenschel & Walter Maguire (CP)
Dianne & Ted Manges (CP)

Mr. & Mrs. Marchioli (PA)

Kristen & Michael Markert (CP)
Jessica & Fred Massanova (CP)
Jonathan ‘83 & Kerri Massari (A)
Nathaniel T. Massari ‘92 (A)
Katie & Jonathan Mayer (CP)
Mr./Mrs. Derrick McBride (PA)
Megan & Drew McGowan (CP/PA)
Bernard McLafferty (PA/GPA) ~ in memory of Florence C. McLafferty
McNally’s Tavern (C/PA)

Katie & Justin Milgrim (CP)
Cindy & Michael Mocharnuk (CP/PA)
Rebecca & John Mraz (PA)
Lynn & James ’49  Mullen (A) ~ in memory of James Mullen ‘49

James P. Murray ‘55 (A)
Christie Meyer (FAC)
Marnie & Dominic O’Brien (CP)

Charles K. O’Malley ‘51 (A)
Charles & Andrea Parker (CP)
Sally Pavlick (FAC/PA/GP)

Megan Reddish (PA)

Margaret & Joseph Rosowski (F)
The Rossi Family (CP)

Peter Rotelle (PA/ADVB/DEVC)
The Rush Family (PA/A)
Thomas M. Sabia ‘73 (A)

Crissy Byron Santora ‘78 (A)
Dona & John Schmidt (PA/ADVB)
Patricia O’Donnell & Patrick Scoble (CP)
Dayna & Joe Sheehan (CP)

Paula & Marc Siry (CP)

Amy & Barry Smith (CP)
Southeastern Home Health Services/Linda Miller ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)
Adrian Stanley & Mary FitzGerald (CP)
Alexa & Gerardo Talamo (CP)
Dan Thistle ‘95 (A) ~ in memory of my dad, Daniel L. Thistle
Laura Thistle ‘05 (A) ~ in memory of Daniel L. Thistle

Stephanie Thistle ‘98 (A) ~ in memory of Daniel L. Thistle
Barbara & Gilbert Thomas (GP)
Alyssa Vallone & Joseph Thomas (CP)
Nancy Torpey (FFAC) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)

Lauren & James Toth (CP)
Patricia & Joseph Toussaint (CP)
Shelisa & Gandhi Towles (CP)
Meghan & Andy Walker (CP)
Erin Wallin (FAC) ~ in honor of Lauren Hamilton ‘09, Joey Devine ‘13, Nora Kenney ‘13,        Gianna Branca ‘16, Nick Mustin ‘16

The Walter Family (PA/ADVB)
Stephanie & Brian ‘90 Walters (CP/A)
Susan & Jeffrey Wise (CP)
Tae Nozaki & Christopher Wong (CP)

Melanie & Jim Zamichieli (CP)

($1 to $99)
Anonymous (11/16/16)

Jeanette & Greg Aaron (CP)
Karen & Walid Assaf (CP)
Christine Azzizi (PA)
Pamela & Donohue Bailey (FAC/PA) ~ in honor of Dominique ‘97 & Joshua ‘07
Stephanie ‘90 & James Barr (CP/A)
Mary Helen Beirne, SSJ (FAC)
Kerry & Brad Bender (CP) MG-Brandywine Global Investment Mgmt, LLC

Linda Bernatavitz (FAC)
Tina Marie Brown (CP)
Fran Buckman (FAC)
Marianne Canuso (FAC/PA)
Mark Carney ‘70 (A)
Susan Checcio (F)

Heayung Cho (FAC)
Denise Clifford, SSJ (FAC)
Malinda Colella (CP)
Rasheia Johnson & Carl Coleman (CP)
Judy & William Collier (PA)
D.J. Comerford ‘15 (A)
Grace Comerford ‘13 (A)
Julia Comerford ‘12 (A)
Melissa & William Conn (CP)
Shannon Craige (FAC)

Melissa & Jonathan Cresswell (CP)

Dominic DeCinque ‘12 (A)

Domenick D’Orazio (FAC)
Margaret Doyle (PA) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)
Mollie & Pete Egginton (CP)
Fehm Family (PA)
Jaime & Dennis Flaherty (CP)
Marie & Joe Flemming (FAC) ~ in memory of George Aspen
Evan Gagne (CP)
Megan & Richard Gallagher (CP)
Tesa Gerhardt (CP)
Freddy Gerngross ‘08 (A)
Joseph Gerngross ‘13 (A)
Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert (CP/PA)
Mr. & Mrs. George Green ‘58 (A)
Jennifer & Martin Gregorski (CP)
Gerard Goldner (PA) ~in memory of Susan Goldner

Mrs. Annmarie Greenberg (PA/FFAC) ~ in memory of Christian Ciammetti
Audra Gurin (FAC)
Maryalice Haas & Ammie White (CP)
Molly Hartley (FAC)
Rosemarie & Marc Hatton (CP)
Shannon & David Helenski (CP)
John & Lisa Heuer (PA) UW

Chris Heuer ‘10 (A)

Nick Heuer ‘12 (A)
Shiree Holder (CP)
Makeeda & Marc Holley (CP)
Rosaria & Greg Hosmer (PA/FFAC)
Naomi & Bryan Hughes (CP)
Pam Ingram (FAC)

Lesa & Brian Ivey (CP)
Michael Jackson & Claudia Lamk (CP/FFAC)
Shari Jackson (CP)
Patrice Johnson (CP)
Beth Joseph (F) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)

Christopher Jungers (DEVC)
Carol & Ron Kaminski (PA) ~in memory of Russell Clements
Kevin Keegan, ESQ ‘61 (A)
Molly Kelly ‘52 (PA) ~ in memory of Sr. Mary Scanlon
Mary Kelly, SSJ (FAC)

Janet & Thomas Kershner (FAC)
Marjorie Lawless, SSJ (FAC) ~ in honor of present & former JLC students
Dianne Luffy (PA)
Eileen Lynch, SSJ (FFAC)
Elizabeth Lynch ‘87 (A)
Eileen Lynn (PA)
Grainne Lynn ‘03 (A)
Karimah Lynum (CP)
Grace Mahoney (F) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)

Michael D. Marchioli ‘13 (A)
Josephine Marchionne, SSJ (FAC)

Elizabeth & Steven ‘87 Mark (A/CP)

Nancy DeCamara Maglio ‘85 (A)
Ineke & Glenn McCrea (F)
Wendy McEwen (CP) MG-GSK
Mary McKenzie (FAC)
Margaret Mary McLaughlin, SSJ (FAC)
Patrick J. McMonagle ‘86 (A)
Allyn Monteiro (FAC)

Abigail Montler (FAC)
He Len Chung & Edward Morris ‘90 (CP/A)
Patrick Mraz ‘15 (A)
Lauren Murray (FAC)
Andrew Myers & Erica Nelson (CP/PA)

Liam M. Nester ‘12 (A)

Traci & David Opdahl (CP/PA)

Dan O’Sullivan (FAC)
Alexandra & Jay ‘92 Overcash (A/CP)

Kelly & Ryan ‘97 Overcash (A/CP)

Jennifer & Geoffrey Pashley (CP)
Dominic Patete ‘15 (A)
Stephanie Pavlo (FAC)
John & Marion Pensabene ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)

Liam Pie ‘13 (A)

Sam Pie ‘16 (A)
PJ Whelihan’s Pub & Grill (C)
Nicholas S. Rausch (GPA)
Judy & John Riviezzo (FAC)

Dave Rodgers & Rebecca Paul (FAC/CP)
Joseph Rosowski (FAC)
Nelia V. Rosqueta (PA)
Anne Porter (FAC) ~in memory of Russell Clements, George Aspen, & Lillian Owings
Courtney Ruhling (FAC)
Paige Ruhling (FAC)
Lindsey Sachs (FAC)

Stacey Savarese (CP)
Cathy Sawyer (FAC)
Christina Shields (FAC)
Carol & David Simpson (CP)
Luke Skobieranda ‘12 (A)
Mary Skobieranda ‘14 (A)
Melissa & Daniel ‘95 Simola (CP/A)

Sabrina Smerecki (FAC)

Megan Terry (CP)
Teske-White Family (PA)
Lori & Gerald Thorell (CP)

Carol Tippett (FAC)

Maya Tippett ‘04 (A/FAC)
Lindsey & Marcus Toconita (CP)
Marcella Travagline (CP/PA)
Roseann Tribuiani, SSJ (FAC) ~ in honor of past and present co-workers
Gerardo D. Ventresca, Jr. ‘73 (A)

Karen & David Volpe (PA)
Lisa & Jonathan Wallace-Larkin (CP)
Jeanine & Matt Walters (CP/FAC)
Paul J. ‘45 & Barbara Ward (A)
Rev. William F. Waters, OSF ‘57 (A)
Joe Werner ‘86 and Family (A) ~in memory of Marilyn Miller (FFAC)
John White (FAC)
Elizabeth Wilson (FFAC) ~ in memory of George Aspen

Karen Kelley-Wilson (CP)
Elizabeth Wood  (FAC/A)

The Woolley Family (CP)



A (Alumni)   CP (Current Parent)   GP (Grandparent)   FAC (Faculty/Staff)
FC (Facilities Committee) F (Friend)   C (Corporation)   MG (Matching Gift)  
CS (Current Student)  FP (Former Parent)   PA (Parent of Alumni)  
GPA (Grandparent of Alumni)   AGP (Alumni Grandparent)  FFAC (Former Faculty/Staff)   G(Grant)  GIK(Gift in Kind)   (SCRIP) SCRIP Rebate Donation     † (Deceased)