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Apple Annie’s Lunch Program

Apple Annie’s is Norwood-Fontbonne Academy lunch provider. Serving fresh-cooked meals every school day in Dining Rooms on both the Norwood and Fontbonne Campuses, this caterer offers a wide range of options for the children.

Each month Apple Annie’s creates a monthly lunch menu.  Students can order lunch as often or as infrequent as they prefer. Students’ favorite meals include Terrific Tacos, Pizza Wednesdays, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and “Breakfast for Lunch”, featuring French toast and sausage patties.  Each day one main meal is featured but children can also choose from chicken tenders, ham & cheese or turkey sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta and grilled cheese.  Fresh fruit is available daily.

White, chocolate, and strawberry milk as well as water can be purchased with the lunch or to accompany a lunch brought in from home. Students in grades 1-8 eat lunch together in the dining room on their respective campuses.  Kindergarteners, Lunchbunchers, or those in the Loft can order lunches and have these brought to the classrooms to enjoy the meal with their classmates.

Students purchasing lunch may visit the lunch line twice and lunches range in price based on the age of the students.

If you have questions or need more information, please email Apple Annie’s directly at appleannie@norfon.org.

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