Service Learning Experience with Community Partners

//Service Learning Experience with Community Partners

Service Learning Experience with Community Partners

Norwood-Fontbonne Academy eighth graders participated in a special day of service with “dear neighbors” at the Morris Arboretum.  The Arboretum plans to create three new “Nature Play” spaces for younger visitors using natural items rather than actual toys. The NFA students prepped this area by clearing the spaces and moving bamboo fences to make room for the new play spaces. They also transported logs of all sizes that will be used as seats and walkways using the natural elements found at the Arboretum.

NFA’s unique service learning curriculum incorporates lessons on care for the Earth, elderly, and those without food or homes. The program fosters a greater awareness of helping others near and far by visiting various sites, immersing oneself, and then reflecting on each experience.

The hope is that each experience provides an understanding for various forms of service while at NFA and then a foundation for a lifelong commitment to service for the students upon entering high school.

Photo: Eighth grade students, Justin Eney and Joseph Jackson, weed and dig in preparation for the Arboretum’s new natural play spaces.



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