Dear Norwood-Fontbonne Families,

One of the things that has struck me over these past three months at NFA has been the very deep and genuine sense of community.

Community is built and developed at many different levels. September is always important as it allows classes to create their own identity and sense of community. At NFA we are very intentional in our approach to cultivate a positive community environment and building relationships across all stakeholders. An article from Educational Leadership, “Creating a School Community” highlights some of the evidence based research on the positive impact from a strong feeling of school community. Students draw strength and confidence through ties of deep, genuine connection and look to all of us to model that sense of community and respect its value.

As I mentioned at our Back to School Nights, the community and camaraderie that is created amongst parents is also vitally important. Here at NFA, the parent community is vibrant and engaged. That sense of community does not come by accident, but by intention and investment. NFA’s Fall Fest provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate our parent community. Current, former, and potential parents and community friends are all welcome. “The more the merrier” as the saying goes. An evening of fun, laughter, good cheer and great company is just what we all need and just what the doctor ordered.  I hope to see you at Fall Fest and the many community wide events offered throughout the year and look forward to deepening my relationship with each of you.

As I went for a walk this morning, I noticed a familiar autumn site–that of a flock of geese flying in formation. I recalled a fact I learned years ago. Geese increase their flight efficiency by 71% by flying in the familiar V formation. They know what we all intuitively know. We achieve greater success when working as a team and we all benefit from the support of each other. None of us can do this alone. That is what community is all about.


Ryan Killeen, Ed.D.

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