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Junior Level Montessori (Grades 1-3)

In the Junior Level Montessori setting, each student assumes responsibility for completing his/her weekly contract of work. The Junior Level Montessori program (JLM) serves six to nine year-olds.  Using textbooks, multiple kinds of materials, and technology, the child continues age and grade appropriate development in math, religion, language arts, history, culture, geography, and science. On a particular day, one might see our students concentrating on a group project studying stars or diagnosing sentence parts with the teacher or independently researching a special saint. Certain learning units become a class project. Recently our students became immersed in Egypt’s past and present. One student donned the dress of Pharaoh while others scribed with hieroglyphics. Simultaneously, the students followed the world news showing the revolution in Egypt and the end of President Mubarak’s rule.