Junior Level Montessori (Grades 1-3)

///Junior Level Montessori (Grades 1-3)
Junior Level Montessori (Grades 1-3) 2018-06-28T14:06:04-05:00

In the Junior Level Montessori setting, each student assumes responsibility for completing his/her weekly contract of work. The Junior Level Montessori program (JLM) serves six to nine year-olds.  Using multiple kinds of materials, textbooks,  and technology, the child continues age and grade appropriate development in math, religion, language arts, history, culture, geography, and science.

On a particular day, one might see our students:

  • concentrating on a group project studying stars
  • diagnosing sentence parts with Montessori materials
  • independently researching a special saint
  • immersed in Egypt’s past and present-one student donned the dress of Pharaoh while others scribed with hieroglyphics.