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Here at NFA, reaching for the MORE means committing to new ways to live our Mission and Vision in partnership with the school community. More than 90% of our NFA families re-enroll every year. So we have streamlined our enrollment process through Continuous Enrollment. We aim to save time, paper, and effort for our families and for us. Simultaneously, Continuous Enrollment allows us to better meet the needs of our students. When students are continuously enrolled, from their initial enrollment up until they graduate from Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, the continuous enrollment system helps us maximize our resources and meet anew our commitment to excellence.

Up until this point, re-enrollment has been an “opt-in” program. By using our Continuous Enrollment approach, the process changes.  Rather than an “opt-in” annual re-enrollment process, NFA’s annual re-enrollment will become an “opt-out” process.  In other words, if a family is coming back after signing their Continuous Enrollment Contract, they will not have to worry again about filling in another enrollment contract.

Once the tuition rates for the following school year have been approved, all families will receive a letter notifying them of the new tuition rates and reminding them of the due date for their Continuous Enrollment deposit. The new tuition rates will also be found on NFA’s website.

The family can still complete their Continuous Enrollment Contract and pay the Continuous Enrollment deposit. Once their tuition assistance award is finalized, if they do not feel the award is sufficient in order to make NFA a possibility for their family, their Continuous Enrollment deposit will be returned in full.

Once the family signs the Continuous Enrollment Contract and identifies their HES tuition payment plan, the same payment plan will be used in subsequent years unless they notify the Business Office. They allow 10 days from the time they notify the Business Office for this change to take effect.

NFA understands that extenuating circumstances may cause family plans to change, resulting in the withdrawal from NFA, for the following school year. NFA will review these circumstances with the family on an individual basis and may deem that the Continuous Enrollment deposit will be returned, in part or in full, depending on the circumstance.

Please feel free to email Nancy Nadler, Director of Business Operations at and she will be more than happy to answer any questions.

2019-2020 Continuous Enrollment Materials

(All forms below are downloadable .pdf forms. You will need adobe acrobat or another .pdf reader to open and print these forms)

You can download adobe acrobat for free by clicking here