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Special Project – George M. Aspen Fund

The George M. Aspen Fund For the Greatest Good

George Aspen Walking on Campus 1984 001Throughout his 40 years of service to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, Mr. George Aspen personified what it means to be a gentleman. With his humble and modest demeanor, Mr. Aspen touched the hearts and minds of so many of our graduates, parents, and staff.

Although Mr. Aspen’s life ended too early last June, his legacy lives on forever not only from the fond memories we have of him, but through the work to be accomplished by the George M. Aspen Fund for the Greatest Good. We were told by a family member that Mr. Aspen “loved every inch of the place.” In this spirit, the fund will impact all areas of NFA: facilities, professional development, curriculum enhancements and student financial aid. Fund proceeds will be allocated annuallyMr Aspen 1979 with Norwood Sign behind to an  initiative selected by the                                                                        NFA Advisory Board.

Mr. Aspen teaching 001






The fund will honor George Aspen’s legacy and in doing so, perpetuate the mission of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy. There is not a more fitting tribute to a man who believed so strongly in his students, in education, and in NFA.


To make a donation to
The George M. Aspen Fund for the Greatest Good,
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terri Hutsell, Director of Development, at 215-247-3811 x207 or thutsell@norfon.org.

Generous Donors
(as of October 15, 2014)

Chris and Tamara Banko (FP, PA)
David and Donna Bartynski (PA) Meredith Bracken ’07 (A)
Connor Bracken ’05 (A)
Toby ‘73 and Andrea Bracken (A/PA/CC)
Jim and Terry Brehony (ADVB/PA)
Rob Brogan ’84 (A)
Stephen Ciarrocchi ’78 (A)
Chris and Krista Ciarrocchi ’79 (A)
Bill and Deborah Covolus (PA)
Gary and Bridget Crooks (PA)
John and Maureen Cumpstone (PA)
D.E. Duffey & Sons, Inc. (C)
Ed Dachowski, Jr., MD ’74 (A)
Bill and Margie Daily (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
John and Barbara Day (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
Justin DeLisi ’93 (A)
Michael and Kathleen Delzingaro (F)
Mr. and Mrs. DePaul (GP/PA)
Kevin Dolan ’87 (A)
Elizabeth and Bret Dooley ’87 (A) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner Tyler Dunning ’10 (A)
Bill Fasy, CPA ’74 (A)
Sister Marcie Gehman, SSJ (FAC)
Frederick and Maureen Gerngross (FFAC/ PA)
Tom and Marie Goldkamp, Jr. (PA)
Gerard Goldner (PA)
Megan Griffin-Shelley ’10 (A)
Robbie and George Hain, III (FFAC/PA)
Angela Haney (PA)
Thomas and Judith Harvey (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
David Heller III (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
David and Danielle Heller (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner Jack and Lisa Heuer (PA)
Bonnie Hughes (PA)
Marlon and Patricia ‘81 Ilagan (A/PA)
Paul and Terrie Joyce (PA)
Sister Mary Kelley, SSJ (FAC)
Kevin Kelly ’73 (A)
Molly Kelly ’52 (A)
John and Lizanne Tague ‘78 Kenney (A)
Ernie and Edith Koschineg, Jr. (GP/PA)
Alice Lachewitz (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner Robert and Polly Lam (PA)
Rich and Terri Lambert (FFAC/PA)
John-Paul Lassner ’84 (A)
Sr. Jean Laurich, SSJ (FFAC)
Sr. Marjorie Lawless, SSJ (FAC)
Richard Letter ’80 (A)Joseph and Anne Marie Leva (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner Lenora Link (PA)
Jerome and Audrey Lombard, Jr. (PA)
Rob ‘89 and Heather Louka (A/CP)
Jasmine Luffy ’11 (A)
Elaine Mackowiak (PA)
Megan Madden-Streets ’99 (A)
Nancy and Joseph Maglio ’85 (A)
Jamie ‘74 and Lisa Maguire, Jr. (A/FP)
Michael and Denise Marchioli (PA)
Sr. Josephine Marchionne, SSJ (FAC)
Anthony Martosella (S)
David ‘79 and Mary Anne Martosella (A/CP/PA)
David Martosella, Jr. ’08 (A)
Michael Martosella ’11 (A)
Nate ’92 and Sarah Massari (A)
Anne McCormick (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
Michael McGill ’77 (A)
Mary Lou McGill (PA)
John ‘90 and Susan McKee, Jr. (A)
Ted ’75 & Peggy McKeon, Jr. (A/PA)
Bob and Mary McNamara (PA)
Terry and Karen Merkle (PA)
Mike Muller (FAC)
Nello Construction Co., Inc. (C)
Sr. Monica Osaben, SSJ (FAC)
James and Dorothy Otto (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
Carl ‘72 and Linda Pfefferle, Sr. (A/PA)
Megan Reddish (PA)
Robert and Anne Riethmiller, Jr. (GP)
Crissy Santora, MD ’78 (A)
Frank Schluth (F) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
John and Dona Schmidt (PA)
Greg and Alison Schmitt (PA)
Matthew Spector ’87 (A)
Sandra Stabler (PA)
Thomas and Deborah Stenger (PA)Lawrence and Donna Storm (PA) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner
Angel Stout, DMD ’79 (A)
Kenneth and Rosemary Stout, Jr., DDS (GP/PA)
Bill Stout, III ’81 (A)
Joseph Taylor and Ms. Claudia L. Huot (PA)
Richard Teske and Ms. Janet White (PA)
Chris Thistle (FFAC/PA)
Patrick and Katherine Timoney (CP)
Gene and Judith Trautner (GP) ~ In Memory of Mary Ann B. Trautner Christopher ‘76 and Elizabeth Whiteside (A)
Scott ‘80 and Amy Wolpert (A)
Debbie and Steve Wood, Sr. (ADVB/ERA/FAC/PA/CC)
Elizabeth Wood ’99 (A, FAC)


A (Alumni)     CP (Current Parent)     GP (Grandparent)     FAC (Faculty/Staff)     F (Friend)    C (Corporation)
MG (Matching Gift)   CS (Current Student)   FP (Former Parent)   PA (Parent of Alumni)
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