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Welcome to the Apple Annie’s Catering Lunch Program at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy. We, Annie and Vincent Bercaw, have proudly served the entire NFA community since 2008. Apple Annie’s has been a full service catering firm in the Philadelphia area for over 27 years. We strongly adhere to the principles of quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction. Since we started, our goal has been to provide the children of NFA the same service and quality as we would a wedding reception or board meeting. We are not a corporate food service.  Annie is always on-site, ensuring quality and friendly service.

Our lunch program aims to balance food choices that are both nutritional and appetizing to children of all age groups. This is a delicate task, for, as you know, children are selective, and may be critical of the foods that are best for them. Our kitchen does not deep-fry foods. The beverages available are 1% and flavored fat-free milks or spring water. We use fresh products rather than canned, processed, or frozen whenever possible. Fresh fruit is available daily, and fresh vegetables are often served as side dishes. In addition to the entrée of the day, nine options are available on a daily basis. We offer vegetarian options daily and serve sweet treats on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our kitchen is peanut-free and children with special dietary needs are served on an individual basis to the best of our abilities.

The purveyors and products we use are local whenever possible. Balford Farms hormone-free dairy products, breads from Conshohocken and Baker Street Bakeries, and pizza from Mario’s Market Square Pizzeria are all used weekly in our menu selections. The fresh and deli meats we use are local and of the highest quality. Produce is local in season. Products such as Keller’s butter, Hellman’s mayonnaise, and Heinz ketchup are all we use. There are many high end restaurants that do not use the quality products featured at NFA.

Apple Annie’s is a green company that takes pride in recycling and in attempting to leave the smallest footprint possible. We are actively involved in the Treasuring the Earth Commission at NFA (TTEC) and have been composting since the start of the lunch program. All unused food products are donated to a local shelter for those who are homeless.

We welcome all questions, comments, and requests. Please contact us:

Thank You,

Vincent & Annie Bercaw