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Committed to living Gospel values, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy through the leadership of the Campus Ministry Office fosters a focus on faith formation in all aspects of our school community. The Office of Campus Ministry nurtures the Catholic identity of our Academy and helps root NFA’s spirituality in that of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The Office of Campus Ministry coordinates the many facets of NFA’s school-wide faith formation. It supports implementation of the religion curriculum inclusive of the family life program, social justice education, and student empowerment (anti-bullying).


The NFA student grows in prayer in multiple ways. Monthly school-wide liturgies and prayer services are created to enable the entire school community to worship in a child-focused manner. In their classrooms and in daily school-wide experiences, children learn to pray through expressing their personal prayer and by using Scripture, age-appropriate resources, and the Catholic treasury of prayer.


Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation encompasses reflection, study, and preparation beginning long before the children receive the sacrament. Parents are intimately involved throughout the entire process for the first two sacraments and are encouraged to join with their parish for Confirmation preparation. Through the efforts of the Campus Ministry office, the whole school community reverences these moments for second, sixth, and seventh graders.

Service Learning and Outreach

NFA students engage in Service Learning. Before traveling to the various sites, children study the meaning of their service in age-appropriate ways. The Campus Ministry office and teachers help our students reflect on their experiences during their service and afterwards.  Children are challenged to grasp the essential meaning of their service and to discover its relationship to their own understanding of justice and unity with others.

NFA’s Outreach program and co-curricular Community Service Corps (CSC) complement the Service Learning curriculum. These signify the further extensions of the Academy’s commitment to the works of mercy and social justice. For these efforts, the Campus Ministry team manages the logistics of serving hundreds of people in need each school year.

All throughout the NFA campuses, there are many visible signs of our spirituality. Each classroom environment contains a prayer table celebrating different liturgical seasons.  Visitors, parents, students and staff are encouraged to use these quiet areas for reflection and prayer. Bulletin boards and media presentations by the NFA Campus Ministry regularly remind students and the staff of Christ’s presence. At NFA, parents, students, and staff with the support of the Office of Campus Ministry daily strive to become one community united in faith, prayer, worship, and service to others.

For more information on NFA Campus Ministry, contact our Director of Campus Ministry at 215-247-3811 ext 259.