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Student Empowerment Program

Our Student Empowerment Program at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy was initiated in 2010 to address the local, national and global issues of bullying (verbal, physical, social and cyber).  At its core is encouraging the use of one’s power as a self-directed person through positive behavior and choices. Our Student Empowerment Program helps children find their voice, since bullying is about power. The goal of the program is for children to be empowered and be empowering. Initially designed and facilitated by a faculty task force with the Campus Ministry Office, the program has become integrated into the school’s religion curriculum and Advisor-Advisee program.

Age-appropriate activities such as storytelling, role playing, videos, peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing solutions, and peaceful empowerment are used to inspire and educate students.  Through these experiences, our students learn how to stop themselves from hurting others. They also come to appreciate that when they are bystanders, they have a responsibility to use their voices to stop the bullying or get assistance from a safe adult.

Parents play a critical role in the student empowerment. Resources via the NFA website are provided so that parents can also help their own children find their voice. Our Student Empowerment Program is another way in which NFA students actualize the vision of an NFA student – to live Gospel values and to make reflective choices as a self-directed person.

Download the SEP Presentation.


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