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2014 Catholic Academy League (CAL) Football Champions!

Our Norwood-Fontbonne Academy’s Athletic Program offers a meaningful formative experience for our students rooted in the Vision and Mission of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy and motivated by the desire for excellence.  Through athletics, our students explore their gifts and talents in a spirit of teamwork, are encouraged to engage in healthy competition, learn inner self-discipline and develop athletic and moral values that will direct the student athlete’s attitude toward self and others throughout life.

Our program includes competition for Grades 4 – 8 through the Catholic Academy League and school-run intramurals.  Our dedicated coaching staff use their abilities and training, their time and talents, to teach and to enrich the athletic education of the student-athlete in competitive and non-competitive situations.

As a member of the Girls’ and Boys’ Catholic Academy League, our academy participates in all league activities at the interscholastic level for both varsity and junior varsity competition.  Our students are selected for NFA’s interscholastic team based upon their ability to compete on an equal physical  skill, their mastery of basic athletic skills, knowledge of team-concept, participation, and individual growth.

Ordinarily NFA sports have competitive tryouts. The student-athlete earns his/her position on the team through “open tryouts.”  When cuts are necessary, it is handled sensitively and individually. Additionally our school provides instructional and intramural sport programs, which currently include basketball, indoor soccer, and field hockey. These programs are designed for our student-athletes to play primarily for enjoyment and to experience various opportunities for skill building.

Goals and Objectives

1.  To teach the basic skills of each particular sport
2.  To foster a healthy interaction with teammates
3.  To engender the essence of fair play
4.  To encourage the total support of faculty, students, and parents
5.  To foster an appreciation of the value of winning, losing, and their related consequences
6.  To recognize and affirm the growth and development of each student-athlete throughout the season
7.  To provide professional advice to parents concerning the proper placement of a student-athlete in a particular sport
8.  To develop the concept of “team” as the meshing of the individual talents of its members

Athletic Programs

Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports
(girls may try out for football)

Co-ed Junior Varsity Soccer – Grades 5 – 6
Co-ed Varsity Soccer – Grades 7 – 8
Junior Varsity Football – Grades 4 – 6
Varsity Football – Grades 7 – 8
Junior Varsity Basketball – Grades 5 – 6
Varsity Basketball – Grades 7 – 8
Varsity Lacrosse – Grades 6 – 8
Junior Varsity Baseball – Grades 5 – 6
Varsity Baseball – Grades 7 – 8

Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports

                                                              Co-ed Junior Varsity Soccer – Grades 5 – 6
                                                                     Co-ed Varsity Soccer – Grades 7 – 8
Junior Varsity Field Hockey – Grades 5 – 6
Varsity Field Hockey – Grades 7 – 8
Junior Varsity Basketball – Grades 5 – 6
Varsity Basketball – Grades 7 – 8
Varsity Softball – Grades 5- 8
Junior Varsity Lacrosse – Grades 5 – 6
Varsity Lacrosse – Grades 7 – 8

Catholic Academy League Events

*Boys and Girls, Grades 4 – 8

Intramural Sports
(may be available; decision made seasonally)

Downloadable Athletic Forms